NeuBeam® provides Increased Flexibility, Better Metallurgy & Complete Stability for Industrial Metal Additive Manufacturing Applications



Neutralised electron charging for complete stability of process.

Flexibility of eBeam without the limitations.

Improved metallurgy optimized for the application NOT the manufacturing process.

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What We Do

Wayland Additive exists to make electron beam (eBeam) additive manufacturing (AM) more effective and accessible to industry for a broader range of applications. The company is defined by its open approach to the precise alignment of technological solutions with customer expectations. In this way, Wayland Additive promotes its NeuBeam metal AM process as an attractive and viable alternative to traditional manufacturing and existing AM processes that overcomes many of the issues manufacturers face for high value, complex metal applications.

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Launch Event

View our official virtual launch event here

Held on 16th March 2021

Our Team

Our team brings together leading electron beam physicists, machine system developers and Additive Manufacturing specialists to provide the highest levels of quality and expertise.

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