Despite the initial lockdown in March and subsequent restrictions as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, Wayland Additive remains open for business as usual.

Throughout the entire period of the pandemic we have ensured the highest levels of hygiene and have introduced decisive measures to ensure the safety of our team, and members of the general public or customers visiting our premises. As a matter of course, we are enforcing social distancing, regular hand sanitising and the wearing of appropriate face masks at all appropriate times in line with government guidelines.

We are also asking everyone to take their temperature before coming in to work each day, and anyone with a fever or cough is required to self-isolate for 14 days on full pay (eliminating any pressure on our people to come in to work if they are ill).

In addition to that we are cross training as many of the team as possible so that if and when people do need to self-isolate, there is someone ready to take their place and keep the business moving forward without any loss of momentum.

We remain ready to discuss any issues with you face to face at our premises in Huddersfield where you will be assured of stringent COVID-safe operations, and obviously via telephone or on-line at any time.

Until we get back to some degree of normality, our focus is on the safety of our team, all of our customers, and a continuity of service as we innovate for the metal additive manufacturing sector.

Best regards

Will Richardson,
Wayland Additive