unprecedented levels
of in-process monitoring

The NeuBeam® process offers unprecedented levels of in-process monitoring that is achieved through a combination of advanced technologies, including structured light scanning, electron imaging and high speed infra-red cameras.

Full traceability

These different approaches to monitoring the build are each calibrated to the same reference points in the machine, with managed adjustments, to ensure optimum results and output.

Being a true thermal process, everything in the build chamber is able to be monitored, and it is possible to see the true temperature of the whole powder bed in-process as a build takes place. The thermal history of the material being processed can also be seen, as can the topography of the surface so that defects can be detected — and reported — as they occur. This approach allows manufacturers to achieve full quality assurance data during the build with full traceability of the material, the process and the part from start to finish.