Reduce the time and cost of
post-processing steps

The nature of the NeuBeam® process results in easier powder removal, no requirement for post build heat treatment to remove residual stress, and no requirement to wire erode the part off the start plate. Subtractive post processing of the part is also simplified as supports can be designed to be broken off by hand, so less CNC finishing is required.

Despite the fact that the Calibur3 system therefore radically reduces traditional metal additive manufacturing (AM) post-processing issues, the nature of the eBeam powder bed fusion (PBF) process still requires further steps once the build is complete, specifically around powder removal and management. Wayland Additive firmly believes that an investment in Calibur3 should include the ancillary equipment necessary to post-process parts and components.

Post processing is a dominant topic across the AM sector. Finishing can easily account for 50%+ of part cost, and failing to consider this early in development can easily waste time and money. Wayland Additive believes that the focus should be to reduce the time and cost of post-processing steps, while simultaneously ensuring precision and repeatability in production.

The Wayland CaliburDPR (Depowdering & Recycling) system is an efficient system that facilitates the production of end-use parts quickly and cost-effectively by rapidly cleaning parts and recycling powder, to be re-used directly in the Calibur3 platform.