Unique team of electron beam experts

One of Wayland’s core assets is its unique team of electron beam machine experts. Electron beam system design is fundamentally very difficult and creates a very high barrier to entry for new market entrants. By curating a team with comprehensive capabilities in this area, we have been able to develop a complete electron beam system quickly. Our deep insights into electron beam control, stability, and beam shaping will enable us to make further rapid progress on machine performance.

Our electron beam pedigree not only enables us to overcome the technological barriers to entry, but also gives us the skills to develop a truly industrialised machine. Whereas other machine producers have a background in welding, the Wayland team comes from a Lithography background in the semiconductor industry. Semiconductor fabs are demanding clients, requiring very high machine availability, unparalleled precision and accuracy, and an obsessive attention to detail. These are similar to the kinds of requirements that the key Aerospace, Medical, and Automotive industries require of their production facilities, but which are not available in the marketed AM machines.

The Wayland team brings together scientific expertise, commercial experience & solid financial management

The Wayland team is built on a foundation of scientific expertise, but also brings together key team members with exceptional commercial experience within the Additive Manufacturing industry and solid financial management.

Key Staff

  • Will Richardson CEO

    With a background in scientific instrumentation and medical devices, Will has a demonstrable track record in taking new technologies from concept to market. His experience spans the broad range of disciplines required to achieve this: establishing market needs, conceptual development, IP management, building collaborative teams, supply chain development and route to market; while working with a range of clients from small start-ups to global OEMs.

  • Ian Laidler CTO

    Ian is a Physicist and Engineer with more than 30 years of experience directing complex technical developments of high value capital equipment for the semiconductor and medical industries. Ian has worked on the introduction of a superconducting electron synchrotron for IBM’s X-ray Lithography program; superconducting proton cyclotrons for PET scanners; X-ray beamlines for the world’s third generation synchrotrons; and electron beam lithography systems for the semiconductor and nanotechnology industries. Throughout these programs Ian has been responsible for co-ordinating high performing teams and delivering to incredibly demanding semiconductor fab environments, including customers such as IBM, Hitachi, SEAGATE, Hoya, KERI, NIST.

    Ian Laidler Team Photo
  • Peter Hansford CRO

    Peter has more than 23 years of experience working in the global Additive Manufacturing technology sector. Peter’s expertise is in machine sales, marketing and channel development. He has worked with some of the pioneers of the additive manufacturing industry, including 3D Systems, Z-Corporation, Blueprinter and UnionTech among others. Peter has a proven ability within start-up companies working through 3 acquisitions and launching numerous new products with direct sales, management and recruitment for high tech hardware.

    Peter Hansford team image
  • David Denny Partner, Longwall Venture Partners LLP

    M.Eng Mechanical Engineering (Newcastle University), MBA (Harvard Business School), MIET. David has been involved with more than 24 start-up companies, including 19 where he has served on the board. David also worked for seven years as an engineer and production manager within CarnaudMetalbox (now Crown Cork Inc), as well as in international sales with 3D Printer start-up Z Corp (now 3D Systems Inc) for three years. David has worked with start-up companies for over 20 years.

    David Denny team photo
  • Markus Aberle COO

    Joining Wayland in 2023, Markus brings more than 25 years of experience in technical sales and operations across advanced industrial manufacturing sectors. With strong operational leadership, extensive supply chain management experience, commercial acumen and knowledge of international trading, Markus is a valuable addition to the Wayland Additive executive team that will support the alignment of talent and innovation with board ambitions and customer expectations. Markus qualified as a mechanical engineer from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.