The right values produce
optimal experiences

Running through the DNA of Wayland Additive from top to bottom is a focus on the optimal use of metal AM in production operations. All members of the Wayland team, tasks, and projects are analysed through the prism of producing best-in-class metal AM results in terms of accuracy, repeatability and reliability.


One of our core values is collaboration, which means that when we work with a customer, we nurture the fundamental meaning of partnership. Results are always better when knowledge is openly shared throughout a team, and this also allows us to be creative and find practical solutions for any problem.

Every member of the Wayland Additive team is characterised by integrity and dedication, and signs up to the core values of the company that underpin and motivate everything that we do. We firmly believe that it is the core values of a company that allow it to make its claims of competency. Without the right values, competencies and processes can be weak and produce sub-optimal customer experiences and results.

We nurture the fundamental meaning of partnership


Integrity demands that we focus purely on customer satisfaction, and central to every project we undertake is a focus on an honest, straight-forward, collaborative working relationship. In this way we optimise outcomes and add real value to your business.


Dedication means that we are always fully accountable and defined by your success. We are purely focused on the achievement of optimal results to your timeline and performance requirement, and pre-emptively address situations as they arise.